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Safer Festival is a not-for-profit organization specializing in 2 kinds of services for large music events in Europe. 
Chill out areas - harm reduction: 
·         Creation of chill-out areas and safe spaces where people under the influence of psychoactive substances can receive psychological support and counselling. This service is managed by a team composed of psychologists, psychotherapists, harm reduction workers and facilitators from different European countries.
Healing Areas:
·        We all need healing at moments in our lives and festivals are an opportunity to experience it.  Through body and energy work, workshops, communication with friends and strangers, dancing, yoga, breathing, singing, and so on, healing areas are an essential part of many festivals. 
 We can offer classes about yoga, acroyoga and meditation; lectures about sciamanism, enteoghens,  non-violent communication, ecovillages and intentional communities; treatment and therapies as deeksha, reiki, shiatzu and crystal therapy.
If you are a festival organizer or if you want to be part of our team, send a message of presentation  to us, from the "Contacts" page of our website.
We will answer as soon as possible.
Safer Festival team
Welcome to SaferFestival.org - Safer Festival

Report about Safer Festival at Ozora 2013

This goal of this report is to explain why Safer Festival could not provide its services at Ozora 2013 (Hungary, 6.8.2013-11.8.2013) until the end of the Festival, in spite of what was written on our website, on the Ozora website and on Ozora’s official program. Many things occurred in the course of a few days and with this report we will try to list the most relevant ones in chronological order.

In summary, after this very challenging experience at Ozora, these are our conclusions:

1.We will not work again for Ozora Festival in the future.

2.We apologize to our team for all the inconveniences they had to go through because of what happened. We would like to thank all of them for their support and for their solidarity.

3.We will keep working for other festivals in Europe, setting higher standards of legal agreements with the festival organizers, where the terms and conditions of our services are absolutely clear and guaranteed.

4.What happened this year at Ozora taught us many important lessons. One of them is that in future we will work only for festivals where we have clear agreements about our services and enough meetings about our relations with the security team and the medical services working at the event.

5.The service we provide is important and useful and we are very motivated to keep this offering for other festivals, but we understand more than ever that we have to guarantee fair and safe working conditions for our workers and volunteers.

This report is public. For any further information, please write to:


Safer Festival



Safer Festival at Sol Fest 2011 in Spain

From 25th to 29th of August 2011 Safer Festival provided harm reduction services at the Sol Fest in Spain. The team was composed by 12 volunteer from 9 different country: Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Uk, Portugal, Spain and Argentina. Guest and visitors could benefit of a 7 meter tipi and of a 9 meter dome available 24h a day,  from the beginning to the end of the festival. Some picture of the dome and of the tipi are available in the Photo Album section of our website.

Safer Festival at Sol Fest 2011 in Spain - Safer Festival